Monday, September 19, 2011

Settling Into Isolation

I have settled deeply into my isolation. My isolation from other humans has grown since the problem with the closer clinic. Now, I rarely round up cats and rarely go anywhere. When I do go after cats, it's a one day all day effort, and culminates in the trip to the clinic. I sleep during the day of the clinic and return.

At least I'm saving my car, so maybe it will last a little longer, since it has so many miles on it now.

My isolation and percentage of time alone would drive most people completely insane.

Yet, many people even on this street are completely alone. I bet there are thousands alone just in this small town.

I can't find a way to meet or connect with people. Most people I meet, I don't want to connect with anyhow.

I don't hear from my brothers. That's nothing new.

I am offering myself out as a contract trapper, to other groups, elsewhere, so I might get away now and then, if any respond. I'd really like to do that with my time. I'm working on some trap concepts but right now am too broke to buy raw materials for prototypes. I like inventing things.

Time to accept this life as it is as my fate and live with it.

In other news, I consulted one of the several vets who have seen Valentino over the yellow diarrhea and the vet said, since he'd been treated twice with metronizadole and panacure, the only other possibility, despite the lack of evidence in stool samples, would be coccidia and to go ahead and treat with Albon. I had only half a bottle, however, and Rumby had gotten it. How did I know what it was? Because his little friends Kenji and Pepper got it at the same time, showed symptoms the day they were adopted, confirmed by a vet and put on Albon.

I believe I either brought it here on my shoes from the very old woman colony or Valentino is a carrier and was having a flare up.

So, I consulted the vet again, got some of it in powder, and mixed it, in far smaller volume per mg, in a much more palatible delivery solution. Oh my, is this ever easier to give without the nasty salivation from the bitter horrible taste. I mixed it to deliver 50 mg per 1/2 cc of solution. The cat dose is 25mg/lg initial dose followed by half that daily. By this delivery, a four pound cat would get an initial 100 mg dose, translating to 1cc of this mix, followed by 1/2 cc daily. Valentino, being 12 lbs, still gets 1.5 cc daily, but it's better than 2.5 to 3 cc of the nasty tasting mix.

Metronizadole also is horrible tasting and it becomes hard for people to keep giving either metro or Albon to cats due to the taste.

Fortunately, Albon is a once daily thing. That's better than twice daily! I give them treats afterwards so they won't see me coming and run for it or fight me too badly. Some vets will say to treat for only ten days, but I was told 21 days, then a week off, and another week on.

I was going to pick up one of the four boys fixed last week from the VV colony, since they wanted him back, only to be told he is very sick, with swollen ball sacs. So he can't go back to the colony like that.

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