Monday, September 05, 2011

Mini Cooper, a.k.a. Billy, in His New Home

Cooper, formerly known as Billy and before that, as Hoops, is doing great in his new home and even sleeps with their dog. Makes me feel good to get update photos!

I had quite a day. One of the Silverton Crazy Cat rescue ladies came down and drug her hubby and corgis along. Her hubby came with an electric chain saw and we sawed at the problem tree. I ended up on the roof, pulling on branches to get the limb to come my direction. We didn't touch the big huge branches and cut about four three to four inch limbs, which was enough work on a hot day. I had to take apart the cat wire enclosure to do that, but that wasn't much trouble.

Created quite the debris mess. We joked around a lot. I offered my bike helmet to one of the corgis, for safety reasons but it didn't fit. This time, I at least put on shoes instead of my rubber sandals.

Viv supervised from the ground and gave suggestions and kept the corgis out of trouble. I told her hubby it was all physics in getting them to fall properly, a comment which came back to haunt me, since not one of the branches fell where we wanted it to fall.

Then we went to Willamette Park with Subway sandwiches and were attacked by angry hungry aggressive yellow jackets, which had us running in circles around picnic tables while trying to eat very quickly.

Then off for a short walk, down to the old ferry dock along the Willamette where one of the corgis and I waded in. I could not resist water, as usual, and was soon wet to my knees, even with long pants on. Viv suggested I roll them up to look fashionable. "Ok," I said, "and it is quite important for me to look and be fashionable in my designer Value Village prestained jeans."

"Yes," she said, roll them up fashionably. So I tried.

She scared me on the way because I had the leash of one of the corgis. "When he tires out, that's it," Viv said, "he stops. Then you have to carry him." I'm staring at the dog thinking, "Is he going to just stop any second and how heavy is that corgi?" I made her switch corgis with me. I had the leash then of the bouncier corgi that wasn't supposed to be prone to just quitting on a walk.

Back we walked and sat for awhile making comments about college students blowing up rafts by mouth to float the river. One guy was really good, filled a big raft by mouth-blowing very quickly. We complimented him on his obvious talent. He replied "I've always been full of hot air."

The corgis were very sleepy at this point, so we had to leave of course.

Once home, I reattached the cat yard wire and cleaned up tree debris then returned the two old woman colony adult females. They really wanted out of my bathroom. No word on the bottle babes, on whether any have survived yet. I'll call both ladies tomorrow and see.

I'm very tired from the tree work and re-attaching the cat wire, which cranks my neck, working arms overhead. I know I should not do such work, because I pay later and I'm already paying for other dastardly overdo's in hard labor.

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