Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Random Photos

I returned the two adult females I still had here, from the very old woman colony. Whiteliner is one of the most unusually colored cats I've ever met. She is all black except the edges of her ears are lined in white. The backs of her ears, low, near her head, also have a sprinkling of white. She has a few white hairs on her nose and one white freckle. She's fabulous.Whiteliner!
Synergy, the Lynx Point Siamese mom of ten bottle babes, was returned last night also, along with Whiteliner.

Here are the two adult females, in one carrier with the four kittens fixed from the colony too, and still in my bathroom, getting over colds and hoping for somewhere to call home.

Miss Daisy likes to suddenly land, out of nowhere, on my back and ride me like a horse or a mule or a.....You gotta be ready for anything around here.

Sam in the cat yard!
I didn't go to the balloon launch this year at the Arts and Air Festival, but on Sunday morning, I went out to get the paper, and was met with balloons over my neighborhood.

Balloon over a neighbor house.
Mooki, formerly one of the Spicer boys, in my cat yard.
Honey, against the window.
Teddy, formerly of the homeless camp, like Honey.
Valentino in August. So far, that home I thought he was going to, has not materialized.
Handsome Valentino again.
The cat yard!

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