Saturday, September 03, 2011

Doomed Bottle Babes

The bottle babies are doomed, I think. Their own mother won't have anything to do with them. A second has died and two more are on the verge.

I am exhausted and really fed up. I am going to have to let nature take it's course. I'm too tired to keep at it.

I've had one call on my ad in the paper. This guy had no idea what "fixed" meant and wanted to know "if they're rescued then they've been exposed to all that garbage". I had no idea what he meant. I suggested he adopt from a shelter then. He has no idea apparently that the free kittens handed out on craigslist have been exposed to everything in the world, including FIV and Felk because people let their females free roam and they have no clue what the daddies are carrying around.

Similar to letting your teen daughter go out and mate with disease ridden bums, prostitutes and truck drivers.

I don't like doing adoptions.

I am in a terrible mood from exhaustion and from watching bottle babes die. Must go to sleep and let be what happens.

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