Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bottle Babes Leave

The bottle babes are gone. They went to some experienced bottle babers, unlike me. I'm no good with bottle babes, usually too worn out to keep up the feeding schedule which is why two died. I collapsed in exhaustion in the end, and had to trust their mother would take care of them, but she didn't.

She was too stressed and too young.

The other mother would let them nurse on her but not lay out so they could nurse. They'd try to tunnel under her to get at her nipples but it was not good and they would not clean them or stimulate their bowels and bladder movements.

I brought two back this morning from what seemed certain death, with heat, sub cu fluids, Karo syrup, then KMR. They're amazing with their will to survive.

What will be will be. Both parties who took four each have lots of experience with bottle babe nursing. If they live, they live.

Mom and Surrogate Mom will go home tomorrow. Most likely, I'll have to also return the four kittens. They can't stay in my hot garage.

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