Friday, September 02, 2011

Photos of the 20 Cats

I took 20 cats to be fixed yesterday. All 20 were from Lebanon. 18 came from the Old Woman colony and two from the Kind Man colony. I returned most of the cats today, despite exhaustion. I did not wake up until 1:00 p.m.!

I didn't want to return the orange and white kitten to the Kind Man colony. He's sick, full of worms, although I wormed him once now, and should be in a home, not living in berry vines and bushes. I left a note on the man's door, asking him to please take the kitten to a vet, to worm all the cats, underlining "wormer is cheap" and begging him to contact me to get the rest fixed so "no more unwanted kittens have to get sick and live like this".

The old woman told me she used to have a cat carrier. It was the control freak man neighbor whose daughter asked to borrow it then never returned it. When the old woman asked her to bring it back, she claimed "the cats destroyed it". The neighbors did not replace the stolen carrier. That tells what those people stand for right there. Stealing from a neighbor, from an old woman, that isn't right.

This is the sick orange and white kitten, who really needs out of there and a home. I am so over full here, I could not help him.

Siamese mix male kitten fixed from Kind Man colony. This kitten is also tame and it's a shame so many are born unwanted.

Of the 18 I took in from the Old Woman colony, today I returned 11 of them. Of the other seven, one was the Siamese mix male who was euthanized. Four more are kittens still in a hutch in my garage. I was too tired to get them out this afternoon to return them. I suppose I hope for a miracle, someone stepping forward to take them.

Then I have two adult females, Synergy, the mom who had ten the day I arrived to trap, and Whiteliner, a strange black female with white lining the edges of her ears. Both were lactating and I hoped if one would not nurse the kittens, the other would. I took Whiteliners' kittens to Safehaven. One of Whiteliner's kittens, behind a fence. There were five behind the fence. I laid down and reached through a hole and pulled out three, and later found the other two in the berry vines.

The sick Whiteliner kittens in a carrier during the Safehaven kitten juggling.

Whiteliner, a Siamese kitten, and a brown tabby, the only cat I did not catch, atop the pump cover.

Black tux male and the Siamese who was euthanized, lay in the grass, before I began to trap.Big Fluffy, a large black male, fixed yesterday.

Strings, a young black female, fixed yesterday. I had to name them for the clinic.

Crusty, a tame all white male with beginning skin cancer on his ears. He really needs a home with a good kind person who will take care of him. He's really sweet.Billy a big black tux male, fixed yesterday.

Black tux young female, fixed yesterday.

Black tux young tame male, fixed yesterday. He'd do great in a home of his own.

Grenada, DSH gray tux female fixed yesterday.

Fabian, medium hair Lynx Pt. Siamese male fixed yesterday.

Gray tux female kitten and one of three Siamese kittens, whom I have not yet returned, in a hutch now in my garage. Of the four kittens, two were boys and two girls.

Duster, DSH brown tabby tux male, fixed yesterday.

Huffy, black male, with severe URI, fixed yesterday. The vet clinic sent home antibiotics for the old woman to mix into their food daily.Kate, short hair black female fixed yesterday.This old calico, and another, have been fixed for a decade and were done at a very early Corvallis FCCO clinic.

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