Sunday, September 04, 2011

Nowhere Kittens

These are four Lebanon kittens, from the very old woman colony and they sure need a saint to step up and take them on. I am going to give them three more days here, hoping I can find them somewhere. After that, they will have to go back if I can't find them a safe place. They need handled and on antibiotics and they'll come around quickly. However, they cannot stay here, due to my current overload and inability to place even wonderful tame delightful kittens (Surri, Pebbles and Rumba)

I hate going into Lebanon to help cats. There are so many apathetic awful people in Lebanon. Nobody seems to give a shit about anything and many of the properties are basically junk yards. There are more than the usual numbers of houses rotting in garbage and piles of junk, with people living inside them like rats. There are so many young kids running around dressed already like whores. It can drive a person nuts to even drive through and see the massive numbers of uncared for and unwanted kids and animals.

I know there are good people who live there, too. I know it is tough for kids whose parents are addicts or alcoholics to grow up differently. But it isn't impossible, if they can find role models or purpose elsewhere.

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