Monday, August 15, 2011

Valentino's Hero?

Valentino may get his home. I was e-mailed by a wonderful Springfield couple who adopted Snowman from me. They tell me they are going to adopt Valentino.

Snowman was one of the numerous yard strays I've had here. But, I had first encountered him way over on Lyons. He was fed by a family who later moved to North Bend. Because of Tamara's exposure here in Albany, to trapping and helping cats on her street, the result of a collector down the block, she got involved in North Bend and ended up putting together a group that started a Humane Alliance spay neuter clinic there. It's open! I like to think Snowman was part of the reason that clinic is now open down in North Bend.

After they left Albany, however, Snowman somehow found his way back here. I wonder if he remembered spending the night here after he was neutered. I had loaned Tamara traps and she trapped him. I then transported him up to be fixed. He was here only one night. My place is about half mile or less from where he used to roam.

But show up here he did. With ear mites. Looking for food. I had sighed "not another stray in my yard" but then I spotted his ear tip and thought back to where I might have got him fixed.

He was so grateful when I cleaned out his ears in my driveway he wouldn't leave me alone after that so I invited him in.

The Springfield couple adopted him. Now, they are interested in giving Valentino a place to call home.

I couldn't be happier. They're the best.

I hope it works out that he gets to go there.

Since I have no place to take cats to be fixed, I am working to find cats here homes. Sage, Slurpy and Starry are highly adoptable, along with the bathroom kittens, if I can find somewhere to get them fixed first.

I visited Happy, at the neighbors' yesterday. He was in heaven laid out on her son's lap. Winnie's new owners say she is hiding. I worry about that some, but they are good people and I hope she'll come around.

Billy is neutered, but he is the only one of the six kittens left that is.

Simba, who basically lives on this block even though owned on the street behind this one, now often roams into another neighbors house, along with Zeva, the white female. Zeva had a litter before I got her fixed, not knowing she too belonged to the house where Simba lives. Now she eats at the neighbors house with one of the kittens, who now is about five months old and a female. She must be in heat because now a huge unfixed tabby is coming through. Night before last I woke to a huge cat fight out front. Simba was rolling around and around being torn up by that unfixed tabby. I raced out in my pj's and broke it up, but Simba was pawing at his face and working his jaw, like he'd been injured. He's not much of a fighter.

I have to find somewhere I can get the female teen fixed and the tabby male, too. The tabby male is a menace otherwise to every other cat roaming.

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