Sunday, August 14, 2011

Women in Muslim Nations Face Brutal Violence

Click the post title to go to the story, about a woman whose fingers and nose were cut off and lips slashed, in a common place form of Pakistani extremist Muslim justice. Women are often the targets of brutal retaliation for the sins of men.

I think women in such places should be armed to the teeth. I also think all Muslim nations should be ruled only by women and all power removed from men. Course that won't happen unless it happens by force.

I'm sensitive to male domination issues world wide and crimes against women, being a woman, and being raised in an ultra religious (outwardly) household where dear old dad ended the day fondling me and put down my mother ceaselessly, causing her to cry almost every night.

I'm not a person who thinks all religions are created equal.

But then, I'm not religious. I believe religion provides a means to dull one's mind, stop thinking for oneself and become a follower of another faulty sometimes demented human with issues.

Why do I link violence against women in these tribal areas of Muslim nations with their religion and not their culture?

You answer that.

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