Monday, August 15, 2011

Gretal Gets Her Bad Teeth Gone!

Thanks to an old friend, who shelled out at her own vet clinic, Gretal got her bad teeth pulled. She had several bad teeth. I was only alerted to this last Thursday, during the stress of all that happened last week. I saw her working her jaw funny when trying to eat.

"Oh no," I thought.

The next day, I saw pus streaked in blood stringing from the back of her left lower jaw.

The next day, a line of dried blood hung from the back of her jaw.

She went in today. She had her ears cleaned too. She had ear mites bad. Gretal is one and maybe due to the pain of bad teeth, I cannot hold in a net to clean ears and trim nails, as I can do with any other feral here, although I can't say I really have more than a couple real ferals here anymore.

Gretal would come and sit a couple feet from me and stare into my eyes. It was like she was trying to ask something of me. Now I realize she was asking something of me and today she got what she wanted. Gretal is going to feel a whole lot better, thanks to an old friend and Alpine Animal Hospital.

They did a great job!!

I also want to publicly thank another clinic, who with great compassion, healed those cats affected by surgery a week ago. I cannot say enough good words about All Creatures Great and Small.

Go give them your business. It's a great and kind clinic. If you've ever read the James Herriot books, including the first one, whose title is this clinic's name, you are going to be reminded of the books' author, when you meet this kind hearted vet and her staff.

I removed the posts about the cats and their traumas after surgery. Both cats who were still at the clinic have gone home to their owners. They are moving on with their lives. I hope to also.

It is not beneficial for me to dwell on it longer. It happened. It was horrible. I dealt with it as best I could and I got some good help from an emergency vet in Albany, the vet of the woman who owns five of the cats fixed that day, and finally, the Portland donor and the Corvallis vet at All Creatures Great and Small. The two cats most affected are both now in the hands of their owners, who will continue their meds and care.

My life changed. I no longer have a job rounding up cats. But I can't do anything about that right now.

The Portland donor paid that bill of $1200, a bargain for what the three cats received, including intensive care for two of them. It's still a lot of money from a complete stranger to those cats. She has a huge heart.

Thank you also to her, for giving those cats what they needed to live and survive the pain after what happened.

The Alpine tech suggested to me, when I picked up Gretal the feral torti, that I keep her in the trap for awhile, to see that she is ok, before I release her out on her own. "Release her out on her own?" I queried, confused.

Then it dawned on me. I replied quickly, "Oh, don't worry. She's a house feral. She lives inside with me."

The tech nodded like she wasn't surprised.

If you walk through the doors of All Creatures Great and Small, with your beloved companion, tell them thank you, from Anna and Polly. And if you do the same at Alpine, tell them you heard it on the wind, that a house feral named Gretal feels a whole better after her visit there.

I'd appreciate that.

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