Friday, August 26, 2011

The Littlest Kittens

I've had no more luck with adoptions since Bambam and Giggles went to a home last weekend.

I still have the exotic Surri, the sweet Pebbles and beautiful Rumba, who knocked his nose during his neuter somehow. Rumba has come out of his shell and runs around the house now, happy and wildly playful, chasing after the two girls.

He's also shown his soft side by becoming big brother to the five week old fluffy gray tabby girl, from same colony he comes from and to the little fluffy Siamese boy, also five weeks old.

When I had returned to the 71 cat colony, to check to see if the three kittens out there I knew of could be fixed, they had shown me another litter, born to one of the females I took up with the last adults. In fact, she was the very last adult cat I caught out there. She was lactating at spay. After I returned her, she brought her litter out of the brush, six of them, some obviously ill.

The three kittens were nowhere near two pounds, even though way over two months in age. I urged the people to worm them and feed them. At that time, August 18, I grabbed the Siamese kitten, from this youngest litter. He was in the worst shape and the daughter put on gloves and grabbed the little long hair gray tabby. They're doing great after over a week here.

Rumba and his little brother.

Gray tabby fluffy girl kitten.

Beautiful Grumbly Rumba.

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