Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had several calls from people wanting help with cats. One was from a Monroe area older woman. She had already gotten onto it, was very appreciative for the call back, was making appointments for the pair at the wag clinic and had a live trap.

The next was from an Albany business, who wanted help with a mother and her three kittens. I just assumed they were feeding them but when I called, they said they were not feeding them. I told them I am not a removal service and cannot help people who do not care for the cats. Can you imagine, getting a mother and her kittens fixed, then releasing them back where they're not even being fed? I can't do that. I told them if they decided to feed the cats, to call me.

The next call was from an Albany man whom I have helped two and maybe three times before. I don't like helping him. He never learns and although he requests help, he's not nice to me when I go.

This time, he described a kitten dying right as he was talking to me, of having three unfixed adults including the mother of this dying kitten. I went over with fluids. The kittens have been sick a long time with URI's. He took them to a vet, but said he had $60 to spend, so not to do more than that. He was given amoxi and eye ointment for them. That was a week ago. He was also given my number.

That kitten laying out there, convulsing if touched, was so skinny it was horrible to see. "Well, it's the runt and she's been sick a long time and never got much milk off her mother." That was his excuse. Right before he said two others had died. I supposed they were the runts too.

He keeps getting cats, over and over again, then he doesn't want them. "If you can't take care of them, don't get them," I told him, "and at least don't let them breed more."

For the cost he paid to the vet clinic to take sick kittens there, he could have gotten three Safehaven vouchers and got all three adults fixed. That's his responsibility, not mine, to lay out for him, because he'll do it again. This time, it won't be me. I feel for those cats but this man needs to step up and be responsible. I am going to ask a community service officer to tell him that. I don't know if one will, but I'll ask. I'll tell what I saw there.

The two males needing fixed are the mother cats from another litter.

The 8 week old female kitten was skin and bones, and looked like a four week old. She was in convulsions. I gave her some fluids, but knew she was about to die. She had suffered a long time, I could tell, starving to death, likely from a combo of the URI, dehydration and parasites of all sorts, which her mother probably also carries.

He was anxious to get me gone because he was going out to dinner.

I then went and cared for my friends cats and laid in her backyard, crying.

Too many assholes in these parts. Way too many.

I'm not helping that man again. I can't do it. What I will do is call the community service officer tomorrow.

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