Friday, August 26, 2011

Elk Spar

On my first trip to the coast with a load of cats, I was in dire need of a bathroom break. I stopped in at a familiar wayside. I have no idea its name, but it's just east of Reedsport and it's an Elk viewing area. I have often pulled in there to sleep when tired, too.

I'm still recuperating from Tuesday and Wednesday's marathon effort to round up, transport, return 21 Albany area cats. Not young anymore, but, that said, I don't see young people working that hard out there. I think I could still show up most only because of stubborn determination, not any great endurance ability from conditioning.

I had to be up again Thursday morning, to return the three cats I cared for here, after their surgeries, before extreme heat hit my garage. I then cleaned more, and slept five hours in the afternoon. I was in bed by 11:30 last night and slept another 9 hours, but need to sleep more.

I am caring for a friends cats while she vacations, which cuts into the time I can sleep. And, I have a shitload of cats here to care for and they must be cared for despite any exhaustion on my part. I am also trying to find the kittens homes before they no longer look like kittens. It's a lot of work. I wish I was paid by the hour. I'd be a wealthy person.

Mexico suffered another horrendous attack of violence by drug cartels who grenaded a casino. The Mexican president blasted the US as responsible because of easy access to guns carried back into Mexico across the border and because of American's insatiable appetite for drugs.

Drug addicts and dealers in the US are supporting extreme violence and maybe should be charged as conspirators to murder and mayhem. If the US didn't consume drugs, the cartels would be out of business and the violence would not go on. I do not know why Americans are addicted to drugs. Thoughts?

If America legalized all currently illegal drugs would that help? Some say it would.

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