Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Photos of the Cats Taken in Yesterday and of the Two Today

These are the two cats I took up today, both from the nursing home colony.This is Little Black Mama and she is actively but not heavily lactating, so she will be returned quickly.
This male was already neutered. Then, talking to someone familiar with the colony, I find out there are two tame black males roaming there. The other one is not neutered. This one was already neutered.

So, I really only downed the numbers there by one. There is still the tame black unfixed male, the orange tom, the brown tabby female and her silver tabby kitten and now the black females' kittens, if alive, to catch and get fixed there. Seems to never end.

Tameness is relative, however. The big black formerly thought to be feral old guy male, whom I caught and took to be fixed, is now tame, as is the little brown tabby male they call Stubs. He was born feral, but now, as a young adult, likes his people!

These are four of the five cats fixed yesterday. The fifth was Humphrey, the gray male kitten from the VV colony.This was the already fixed Bengal mix male from the Kindergarten neighbors colony, taken in yesterday.This black male, from the Kindergarten Neighbors colony, was neutered yesterday.
This is the SW Albany male, fixed yesterday.
This female, from the trailer park, turned out to be already spayed.

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