Thursday, August 04, 2011

Movie Cowboys and Aliens Rocks!

I took advantage of Regal's $5 Tuesday movies again and saw Cowboys and Aliens, while cats from Albany and Tangent were being fixed.

This movie rocks!

Talk about natural born enemies uniting to fight aliens. This movie should be shown to our Congress once a week.

Cowboys and Aliens sports a great cast of characters. All are battle scarred with issues.

There's the likable saloon owner, who is wimpy and without respect. Until that is, the aliens take his wife.

There's the preacher, who moonlights as a doctor. He'll sew up your gunshot wound, while giving out bits of wisdom, with some preachiness thrown in, no anesthesia provided. He will at least dump some whiskey on your wound first, then take some swigs from the bottle himself.

There's the sheriff, who is raising his grandson. However, the sheriff is quickly abducted by aliens also.

There's the mysterious woman, hankering after the bad guy who shows up in town with a strange wound and no memory. The sheriff reminds him who is, by showing him a wanted poster with his face on it. Then he arrests him. He's thrown in the tank with the mean cattle man's son, who has shot a deputy, and is whining for his father to come get him.

There's the feared rich cattle man, whose son feels unloved and is spoiled rotten and gets away with anything. The cattle man's right hand man is an Indian, often tasked with cleaning up after spoiled rotten son.

The cattle man has issues. He was an army man who followed orders and as a result lost hundreds of men in a battle. He shoots anyone who dares address him as "Colonel".

The movie begins with our main character awakening in the desert. He has a wound on his stomach and a metal band around his arm. He is quickly accosted by a group of three men on horseback with a dog. Scalps hang from their saddles. They decide this man is an escaped prisoner, since he's been shot and has "irons" on one wrist and decide to take him in for any bounty might be on his head.

Big mistake. The guy is good with fists and weapons and all three soon lay dead. he picks over their things and heads off on one horse, to town, dog trailing after him. That's where he meets the preacher/doctor, who tends his wound and tells him it isn't a gunshot wound, in fact, he says, it seems cauterized. The man can remember nothing.

I can't remember names, not of characters after I see a movie, or of actors.

He gets into it with the snot nosed brat boy, who is in town to harass the saloon owner and, it is after the stranger tells him off and walks away, that the kid, angry over this lack of respect, takes a wild shot and hits the deputy in the arm. He is hauled off by the sheriff howling for his father.

In the saloon to drink, the man is approached by the mysterious woman, who seems to know something about him. She requests his help, but will tell him nothing. At that point, the sheriff and his deputies arrive at the saloon. They have seen the wanted poster out on the stranger. He and his gang robbed a stage coach of gold and committed other crimes.

And then come the aliens. As the cattle man, played by Harrison Ford, rides into town with his cattle boys, torches flaring, to rescue his brat son from justice, the aliens also come roaring into town from the sky, lassooing townspeople from their ships at random and whipping them up into the sky and their ships.

Here's where the cattle guy, the stranger with the mysterious wrist iron, the mysterious woman, the kid, all of them, come together, to ride off after the aliens and "get their people back."

Along the way, the stranger encounters his old gang of robbers, who eventually join up in the spectacular end fight against the alien ship, there to mine gold. The aliens consider the humans like insects, insignificant and not much of a threat. Along the way, the group of townspeople are surrounded by Indians too, who at first are going to kill the whites, for stealing their land and bringing the "demons from the sky".

It is the mysterious woman who clues them all in to the threat facing earth from these "scout aliens" and thus brings this unlikely group together to face a common threat. Cowboys with issues. Indians. Townspeople, including the kid, the dog, the wimpy saloon owner, and the outlaw gang of bad guys.

The mysterious woman is from another planet herself that was destroyed by these aliens. She doesn't want it to happen anywhere else.

She says if they make it back to their planet, to report, a massive invasion will follow. These alien scouts and their ship must be destroyed, they all conclude. The Indians help the stranger retrieve his memory, of what happened to him, so that he can lead them to the alien location. He'd been kidnapped by them, survived by attacking the alien about to kill him, stolen the wrist iron weapon.

The cattle baron wants to lead the attack, but the Indians don't trust him. His Indian right hand man then poignantly pleads the case that the Colonel is a good man and worthy to be followed into battle.

Then comes the big fight scene. All are proven worthy in the end.

This is a great movie, fun to watch, edge of seat moments, jump out of your skin scary moments, tearful cry your eyes out moments. I LOVED IT.

Cowboys and Aliens is why people go to movies.

This movie gives everything you want.

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