Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern Technology and Records

A woman called me. She'd been taking care of a teenage kitten, who got sick, and she took him to the vet. The teenager had showed up at her door. The vet said he was already neutered or a double crypt orchid. She could find no incisions.

The woman, who has been caring for him for some time, loves cats but was concerned about putting him through an expensive prolonged "lost boys" operation for double crypts, where the two non descended testicles must be searched out in the abdominal cavity and are sometimes hard to locate.

He was not micro chipped. The clinic suggested she call local rescues who might not micro chip. She had tried Petco, thinking they were the contact for KATA. I gave her KATA's real contact, but then began, as we were talking, going through my cat fixing records and looking up the area where he was found on google maps, all at the same time, in multiple windows.

Modern technology.

A bell rang when she began describing him.

Within moments I was able to provide the location where he came from, original caregiver's number, and the date he was neutered and send her a photo of him, taken the day he was neutered, for positive ID.

That's what record keeping and modern technology can do for a kitten.

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