Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Key

The shiny mail box key I found by my garage yesterday must be a clue. It's probably the key that will unlock a mysterious mailbox. I must locate that mail box, open it, and receive my reward. Or. Another clue.

I turn the mail key over and over in my hand and wonder about it. How would it have arrived where it did. I know the answer is probably sinister, that someone was back there wanting to break in or worse.

They pulled something else out of their pocket and out fell the mail key, unnoticed.

Or the kids down the block were messing in my yard again when sent to check their mail.

Or a scrub jay, attracted by the gold color and shiny nature of the key, could not resist plucking it up from a yard table off an open book, face down, its reader given in to a lazy afternoon urge to doze, or is in the bathroom or distracted by the phone.

Off flew the weighted down scrub jay, unable to gain altitude under the weight of that key and so the bird scrabbles to the edge of my roof to examine the prize more closely, but loses it's hold by my garage. The next door old man's police cat appears, marching mad seeing the bird invade his space, and the bird abandons any thought of retrieving the key as risky, even though the old man's cat is old and half blind and no good at anything but bluff anymore.

I know my mysterious shiny unlocker of secrets came to rest out back by means other than by an unknown generous and loving entity, intent on my good, some shining orb of guardian righteous angely wonderfulness dropping out of nowhere, somewhere, to right all wrongs in my life and brush my cheek with love and good fortune. And yet......

I bet there's a million dollars in that mail box that the key unlocks just waiting for me.

Someone has smiled upon me at last. God maybe. And left me an easy out for my current problem, that of no place to take cats to be fixed. The out, this key and the box it opens, will provide the means to fund a spay neuter clinic and fix every cat I can round up during the rest of my life.

If there was such a force, that would drop a key that smiled upon a person or persons, with great fortune, would not that entity, rather than drop it here, on little ol me, a person of complete insignificance with a relatively easy life, drop it instead on the likes of Somalia, where famine ravages millions of innocent children, where gangs of thieves steal from and beat the starving, where life holds no value to anyone except those still in possession of their own.

It would be dropped instead in Somalia, would it not? Or would someone like me be entrusted, with such a treasure, to make it into better than good for the many? For the likes of children in Somalia. What a statement of trust that would be, an honor of earthquake magnitude and a burden to bear also.

Allow me my fantasies and my dreams and my wandering mind.

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