Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad Week Gets Worse

Heartland calls, says Rocky, one of the three kittens they have had there awhile now, was being adopted when they noticed he has ringworm on the edges of his ears. I visited him again a week ago, and saw no sign of anything like that. The other two, Happy and Billy, have no signs, but since he was in with them, they assume they will get it too.

I have to go get them, which means all the other kittens here will be exposed, which means, they'll never get homes and I will end up with 8 more fricking cats.

Every single time I turn over cats to Heartland, about a month or month and a half later, I have to go get them. The last one, the girl from my yard, turned out not to really have ringworm, and she got a home.

They get handled by tons of people there, who have who knows what on their hands and clothes. And, it's been very hot in the room where the three of them share a small cage. Being in a shelter causes stress, too, which lowers immunity increasing likelihood that anything they are or have been exposed to, they will get. It's the perfect scenario to breed ringworm.

I guess the people adopting Rocky are willing to deal with the ringworm, say no big deal, but most people aren't like that. I have nowhere to isolate them. I want to run away from all this.


The two bottle babes whom they took in to foster along with the long hair torbi both died. They don't know of what.

If that isn't bad enough, Gretal, a full out feral here, got an abscess or bad tooth. Yesterday she would work her jaw funny when she'd try to eat. I thought "oh no, she's fallen and broken her jaw." But today, from the back of her mouth on one side, bloody pus was draining. So she either has an abscess, that put pressure on her jaw and finally ruptured, or she has a broken or bad tooth. I have her caged and she is not happy and she's going to the vet Monday.

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