Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rumba, Pebbles and an Update

Remember the born in the trap kittens? A Siamese mom I trapped at a seed warehouse south of Corvallis had kittens in the live trap. Three survived birth, except Mini, with flat chest syndrome, later died. The other two, now at a cat rescue in Milwaukie, are thriving under Kathy's expert care. Kathy makes and sells a great cat litter, Kitty's Gone Green. Click post title to go to Kitties Gone Green website. 10% of purchase price goes to help cat rescues with medical expenses, so if this product takes off, Oregon cat rescues could vastly benefit.Above, is a photo of two of the kittens back then, when in my garage. Below, you see them now.They do everything together.

This really has been the year of the Siamese. Heartland mentioned that also, that they have had more unwanted Siamese enter their shelter this year than ever.

Grumbly Rumba from the 71 cat VV colony studies a cat toy. Rumba needs a home.

Pebbles after the cat toy.

Pebbles again.

And once again.

Rumba is gorgeous, but is not as self confident as Surri and Pebbles and cries if left alone.

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