Wednesday, August 24, 2011

21 Cats Fixed Today

Another long day followed a long hot day before. I had 20 reservations for the Snipped clinic in Coos Bay today. I ended up hauling 21 cats.

Yesterday, turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures over 90 degrees. This was not helpful in catching cats! I slept in yesterday until 9:30 a.m., trying to "store up" extra sleep for the marathon to come.

I was over on the Albany street again, trying hard to get things under control there.

I caught two teens I didn't know were there. Torti teen, fixed today.

Gray tabby tux male teen, fixed today.

The woman who feeds had said there were four cats she fed, all young adults, and did not mention the two kittens. I caught them both. Their mother is one of the four young adults I haven't caught yet, a small gray tabby tux.

Despite efforts that went on late, until I nearly collapsed from the heat, dripping in sweat, I did not catch anymore outside cats there on that street. Nobody was hungry in such heat. However, I did pick up the four kittens a woman had inside her house socializing, born to a neighborhood caste off she also contained inside, after they were born and she found them.

The mom could not go be fixed because she is currently grumblingly nursing two more newborns born to yet another outside mother. The mom moved her newborns, but left two behind and did not come get them.

However, same woman, the neighborhood cat saint, had kept yet another neighborhood female inside, until she could get her fixed. The cat was in heat driving everyone nuts. So she went.In heat black female, fixed today.

I also went into her garage, where she had confined three outside strays until they could be fixed. Two females were fixed last week. I had to dig out the third, a male, and he was fixed today.

Tabby on white male, I netted in a garage who was fixed today.

She will now try to find even the adults homes. The kittens will go up for adoption immediately.

I also got two of four kittens fixed from a house down the street. About a month ago I took in four adults from that house to be fixed, two females, including the kittens mom, and two males. Today, the two male kittens were fixed. The two females were still a bit under weight. So from that street, another 10 cats went to be fixed today. Unfortunately, I spaced out getting a photo of Casper and Taco, the two Siamese mix boy kittens.

I took down another mother and her four kittens. Previously, I'd taken in the mother cats' mother and her six kittens and a male from this woman to be fixed. The six kittens ended up in Portland, since two tested positive for FIV. One of those two retested negative and was adopted, which is happy news.Sammy, the mom of four kittens, was fixed today.

There are Sammy's four kittens, three girls and one boy (one of the grays). All were fixed today.

I trapped the big Siamese over in SW Albany, over off Queen. I've been after him awhile. A friend over there has a male like Sam, my peeman here, who flies into a nervous tizzy if there's an unfixed outside male roaming. And this guy has been intimidating her inside male through a window, causing him to pee mark inside and making him stressed. So he got fixed, although he won't act if for about a month.I took a photo of him prowling around a few months ago. Now, you can see him under anesthesia, below. He lost his longer outer whiter coat for the summer.

Big Siamese male fixed today.

Two Lebanon girls went.Lebanon Siamese mix Delilah, fixed today.

Lebanon teen girl Clover.

And I started in on a new colony over off Clover Ridge, with cats everywhere. Fortunately, they called the FCCO and will take most up there to be fixed in early September. One boy and two girls were fixed from there.This is Isabelle, a muted torbi, fixed today.

This handsome black boy is Frankie and was neutered today.

And wild girl Muffins was also fixed today.

So, ten from the Albany street went up. One big male from SW Albany got fixed. Four kittens and their mom, formerly of Albany got fixed. That woman who owns them moved in with her folks and now lives just outside Albany city limits. Three more from the new colony which also is just outside Albany city limits got fixed. And two Lebanon girls got fixed.

I was hot and tired by last night. I'd also had to get cat litter and I use wood pellet fuel. I'd hauled three bags of food into the homeless camp too, for them to feed those cats. Then did the round up after that, already worn out and very hot, from too much physical labor in heat.

I didn't get much sleep between trying to go to bed, and alarm wake up time, which is 3:30 a.m. I made the drive down ok and once there, a worker at the clinic took me to her house, leaving me there, to sleep the day away, while the cats were fixed and that is exactly what I did.

Oh my, that was so pleasant. The moment she left, I laid out on her couch and was in lala land. I only woke up five hours later feeling sooooo much better.

I did a good couple days work. I am so pleased with that clinic, and the job they do and how professional and friendly they are doing it.

21 more cats not breeding is a great thing for the community too.

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