Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Kittens Gone. Four Leaving Tomorrow.

Thank god for Heartland.

Safehaven would not help with all these kittens from that big colony. Nobody else would either.

Heartland today took in the teen mom's two boys. Yes, my bad eyes strike again and both are boys. Tomorrow, they're taking the way over two pounds now Rocky, Billy and Happy. Plus the employee fostering the bottle babes, who aren't really that little, is taking the long hair torbi tux, who is beautiful, to foster. Yahoo. That's six gone from here!

I still have Pebbles and Bambam, the youngest pair. I have Winnie, the delightful funny Siamese girl. I have Giggles the calico. I'll have Rumba, the Lynx Point male. I'll have the older torbi, whom I haven't named. I have the gray male, who is two pounds but not very friendly and might just get fixed and returned.

I have the orange tabby and now the tabby tux female, freshly netted, whom the caretakers want back also.

I netted her today when taking out the feral housing unit, suspecting she is over two pounds, which she is. Those two will be fixed Friday and immediately returned so I don't start getting resentful that they don't take better care of the kittens that could get decent homes, where they are at least flea treated and their ears cleaned out of impacted ear mite debris.

There are three other kittens out there and they claim they want one or two of them, implying I could take the other.

I returned the mom of the kittens today also. I returned the four males from the Kind Man colony fixed yesterday too. He doesn't want me trapping over there for awhile, since he's got some stuff to do, but he said the neighbors already mentioned the relative quiet. Not so many male fights and not so many in heat female yowls.

Nobody there has donated anything yet. I doubt they will either. I don't know why I think that. Gut feeling.

Well, at least I'm getting some kittens out of my bathroom. I can't use the toilet easily with kittens attacking my feet when I'm trying to......well...go.

I got another e-mail last night, someone wanting me to take some ferals. I said I couldn't do that. Then today someone called wanting me to "foster" their cats. Not sure what that was about, because I quickly cut her short, telling her I don't do that. I didn't even want to hear more.

There's somebody out there handing out my number as a "shelter" I guess. I don't know who. Wishful thinking on people's parts. I can't adopt out a cat for the life of me. I get no inquiries. Too many free kittens out there. My petfinder website and my phone message clearly state I don't take in cats from the general public. Why do people ignore that? It's rude.

I fixed my stove today. One burner thermostat didn't work. I ordered the new part online. The stove is over 30 years old so they don't make replacement parts for it, but there was a part supposed to fit it, so I ordered it and it came. Today I took apart the front and installed it. At first it didn't work. Then I realized the wires went to different contacts than in the old switch, so I figured it out and now it works. Was glad of that. No fires or short outs or anything like that involved either, which is always good.

Also, I am having trouble sleeping over the whole debt ceiling limit circus going on in WA. I don't think they're going to come together and agree on anything in time. Then I wonder if I'll get my SS check or if I'll suddenly go to zero income and how I'll survive then is a big fat mystery to me, or how long it would go on, not getting an SS check. Three republicans introduced a bill to make sure priorities in payment are set, if the ceiling isn't raised, and SS checks are not a priority to the republicans. I think the republicans would just love it if they could line up the poor and the old and shoot us like they like to shoot everything.

Is my bad attitude showing? Well, wouldn't yours, if a bunch of Republicans could affect your life so drastically that you were trying to figure out where you might camp and what you'll with a house full of precious cats, if your income suddenly moved to zero?

Nobody seems worried about it. There have been no news stories or paper articles that I know of that cover what will become of a zillion seniors and disabled folk if SS checks don't get sent out. Guess I shouldn't either.

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