Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2nd Feral Housing Unit, Revised, Ready to Go

When I hauled off three of the six feral housing units that Albany business made on request of another woman, who did not pick them up, I knew they would be a lot of work to make adequate. They were made of OSB, which soaks up the moisture and not painted on the inside or bottom. The hinges on the roof were pulled out on one side already on two of them. Aw well.

I thought about finding a willing burn pile for them. The other problem, the holes for entrance, exit were so low they allowed for no space for added bedding inside.

I finally decided to try to revising them. I added insulation, collected styrofoam and glued it to the sides after painting the whole thing, for protection against moisture. I cut and fit old boards I have around, from things like dressers gone bad and even couch wood pieces over the insulation after also painting them. I repaired the hinge issues. I added a shelf, since basically these things shape wastes almost all the height space. For the one that was to be outside, I added old flower pot carpeted tunnels in and out.

So here are a few photos of the second one, now about to be loaded and taken out to the VV colony, after revisions by me:

Side view, hinged roof up.
Inside, with added insulation, second walls over it, floor and shelf.
Entry hole.

I've made other feral housing units out of other things.

This one is just a plastic storage container with two holes cut, for entry, exit, in it with a knife. It's stuffed with straw.

This one I made out of a somebody's unwanted water bed platform. Both sides had drawers, which I removed, added a front panel and screwed the doors to the top, for added beds. This unit was going to be under cover anyhow, in an open shop. The cats love it.

And this one, I just made out of old boards I had around and added plastic pot tunnels.

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