Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rocky, Billy, Happy and Cindy Lu--Goodbye and Good Luck!

Cindy Lu.
Rocky, with Pebbles and Giggles.
Rocky before he came here.
Billy before he came here.

Today, Rocky, Billy, Happy and Cindy Lu moved on in their young lives. All four went to Heartland. Cindy Lu will be fostered by the employee who is also taking care of the bottle boys.

Rocky, Billy and Happy will be neutered today and go up for adoption.

Sure, I worry about them. I have a ritual goodbye thing I do now, when cats or kittens are either adopted or move on to another group. It's a release of them to the care of the universe and a recognition I am helpless to protect them further.

I realize the universe has no soul and cares not for, nor takes note of any living thing by no fault of its own. It's nature is that of an inert object. There is the argument that the universe is itself alive and is the caretaker, the safe harbor, for the collective soul of all things.

But a tiny kitten---who cares for such an insignificant life in this vast universe?

I do.

I hope others do also.

We are all equally insignificant to space and time.

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