Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seven Lebanon Cats Being Fixed Today--Maybe

Here are today's mug shots:The two male kittens I hand grabbed at the Lebanon 5th Wheel colony who may or may not be of weight to be fixed.
Gray tux, female I think, I snagged at the 5th Wheel colony.
Old not quite right Siamese female, the one the neighbor boy was playing "baseball" with, who again may be pregnant but is seriously "off" probably from the abuse.
Kind Man/Evil World colony gray and white female.
Kind Man/Evil World colony black male.
Lebanon 5th Wheel gray tabby.

I've got seven cats up being fixed, all from Lebanon. Two, however, are kittens from the 5th Wheel colony and I didn't weigh them first. I guessed they might be two pounds. They may not be.

So, who knows if they will or won't be fixed. At least five Lebanon adults will be fixed today.

It's tough to deal with all this constant exposure to animal neglect, abandonment and cruelty. I tell you, it ain't easy.

Since I've lived in the mid valley all my life, I can't say if other places are the same. I was shielded from most of this when I lived in Corvallis. Here, in Linn County, it's the wild west, where the law usually turns a blind eye to the massive numbers of abandoned animals. I don't even try calling the cops anymore. It is pointless.

Life is not valued here like it was, or seemed to be, in Corvallis. Animal abandonment is seen as normal behavior and cruelty seems something people expect. I do not know why. I would guess because it's gone on so fricking long and because people were born here to parents with the same "values" towards animals and those behaviors were passed along to them and they pass it to their kids. Also, this county has huge drug and alcohol addiction issues. I think that has a great deal to do with it. Again, I am guessing.

It is hard to live here if you love animals. My neighbor claims she's moving as soon as her son is out of school to escape the behavior towards animals. And because there's nothing to do. I dream of leaving but I don't know how to get out since I have no money.

Times are hard. I try not to watch the news. I don't want to hear about the debt limit talks. I've given up on politicians. The big corporations control our politicians and the country and for diversion purposes, the poor are blamed for everything.

Anyone with a brain sees what is going on, but I think lots of people have developed a "savior" fetish because they feel helpless to solve their own or this countries problems and now follow their declared savior politician like little feet licking puppies. It's pathetic!

We poor are to be happy with our lot out of patriotic pride and the knowledge god of whatever religion ascribed to, loves us and we'll get our reward from him, even if we miss out on the American dream. That's why the big old fat cat politicians like to talk god in their election bids, to inspire the hope of future reward in the unwashed masses so we'll fall into line and vote for their them. I think most of us catch on. God knows I do.

If I were dictator of the US, how would I solve our financial problems? Number one: quit all these wars and close most military bases. I realize that would put a hell of a lot of people out of work.

Stop most useless government research grants and other grants. I say this because I've watched an endless stream of grants worth millions streaming into Oregon State University, grants that produce nothing of any use at all, except some report somewhere at the end, probably poorly written but who cares because it's probably read by about two people in the end. The worst was the $4 million to study rural obese kids, like that would help and like nobody knows why some rural kids are fat.

Another $500 million was just given some Corvallis company to make small pox vaccines for the US to store in case of terrorist attack by small pox. Really? We're that paranoid now, that we can't fund schools but boy howdy, somewhere in America, there will be stockpiles of aging small pox vaccine. Yeah, that's fricking useful when people can't pay their rent and food stamp programs are being cut by Congress.

Anyhow, we have no priorities in this country for taxpayer money. It goes to useless shit, like useless research and useless stockpiles of this and that. I'd end most of that.

I'd end all tax loop holes and breaks too, and create a completely simplified tax system, probably a flat tax. This would reduce the IRS role in society and in your life and also would end a lot of tax preparers jobs if you didn't need translators, who speak governese, to figure out all the tax forms.

There are simple ways to reduce health care costs. Eliminate the middle man, the insurance company. Insurance companies are supposed to pool all money taken in to pay out claims. The healthy insured's money pays for the claims of those who get sick. But that's all been polluted by greed. And it's been polluted by our unhealthy habits. We all drink too much, work too much, smoke too much, do too many drugs, including prescription and don't exercise. We're too stressed and too many people are having kids who have no business having kids.

So here's my idea: single payer basic coverage. Then, you identify risky behaviors and if people engage in those behaviors, they must purchase insurance policies to cover them. If you're having unprotected sex, and get a disease, male or female, you pay out of pocket or are denied coverage. You engage in sex without protection and produce kids, you have a policy to cover that or you cover the costs yourself, both the woman and man involved. You smoke, you get a policy to cover the costs of health problems. You engage in high risk sports or adventures, you get a policy. You work too many hours a week, you get a policy to cover your unhealthy work ethic. Etc. Etc. You're still free to do what you want. It's just that this way your neighbor doesn't have to pay for your actions. You do.

Also, introduce competition into health care. There is none now. Monopolies control health care. You could see a doctor in a warehouse storage room and pay cash. Nobody needs these unbelievably fancy hospitals and doctors offices. They just drive up costs. People could recuperate the night after surgery in a nice hotel room with a private nurse at a fraction of the cost a horrible stressful unhealthy night in a hospital costs.

You don't even know the cost of anything at a doctors office. Price lists should be posted and posted online, so customers can shop and compare and save.

I'd end most government programs, boards and commissions. Most are useless and serve special interests not the citizens.

I'd do lots. Most would be politicians probably think they'll get to WA or the state government and get lots done too. Then partisan gridlock sets in and the lobbyists with their fat wallets surround you and the power plays and threats start in, too.

We're fucked. So, break out the Margarita mix and the Tequila and raise a glass to good old American Corruption. Because he runs our country with first lady Greed at his side. And there ain't much we can do about it except get some Lebanon cats fixed today.

I really love kittens. They're so innocent and fun. They are nothing at all like loud mouth self-righteous chest thumping politicians.

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