Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate Could Land Me in the Poor House. Oh Wait, I"m Already There. On the Street!

If the debt ceiling isn't raised, it is very possible, even likely, that social security payments will not be made. That's what the news said tonight.

That means a whole host of us will have to live on nothing. That means a whole host of us will be unable to pay rent, utilities or even buy food (I don't get food stamps).

It's a dire consequence faced by the disabled and elderly across this nation. Our leaders just don't seem to care. Most landlords won't wait until Congress works out its tiffs. When you are on SSI, you are not allowed to save much money, unless it's in your mattress.

If the bozos in WA do this, to so many poor and elderly people, how will I survive? Best I can.

If you don't pay your water sewer bill they shut it off. Then you steal water from hoses and drinking fountains, filling jugs. Been there done that. You try to use public restrooms as much as you can and when you can't, you go in a bucket and dump it out somewhere.

You eat on paper plates and use charcoal brickets to cook over and screw open pit fire laws, you cook over a small backyard fire.

Where do you get food? You kill and eat the nutria roaming every field and yard in Albany. You can make nice shoes from their water proof pelt, once dried and cured.

I think things are about to go really sour. The Republicans have always wanted to kill off the poor and old. We don't go down easy, however.

If there are people out there of stable income who could take some cats, now would be the time. If they don't pass the debt thing, I'm going to be on the streets within a couple months time, at the most, and these cats need somewhere to go.

I called my younger brother just after the news was talking about how social security checks likely will not go out, if the debt ceiling isn't raised and a deal cut with the Republicans. I wanted advice, to see what I should do, buy with what I have, plan for. He scoffed at the idea and said they'd cut a deal by the August 2 deadline and then said even if they don't, they are required by law to fulfill obligations like social security. They can't just put millions of people out without the money to pay their rent, bills and buy food and medicine, he claims. I'm not so sure.

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