Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos of the Six Cats Fixed Monday

Monday I took in six Albany cats. Five were from the same house, while the sixth was abandoned over in Pine Meadow, but has now been adopted by a tenant there.Brown tabby male fixed Monday. One of five from the same house fixed that day.
Pepe, who arrived at this house as a stray, seeking food, was fixed Monday too.
The brown tabby male again.
Peewee, a black male fixed Monday has a heart murmur and was a crypt orchid, meaning one testicle was non descended. The vet had to search out the "lost boy" in the cats' abdomen.
Mercedes, a torti, who has six kittens at that house, was spayed Monday.
Mia, an orange and white female, was also spayed.
And here's the outsider, the male from Pine Meadow, abandoned by a tenant there, but now he's been taken in by another. Yay.
The very handsome Pepe again!

Well there you have the mug shots of the six fixed Monday.

Now, I was called by the Lebanon woman who had wanted help last summer for her friends who live on the outskirts of Lebanon in a camper. I got a bunch fixed there a year ago and took out five of them, including kittens Rainy and Forest, and starving Siamese teen Zuli. Forest later died, but the rest got homes.

There were more adults showed up there who had kittens. I was not happy to hear this. But she was really calling about her own Lebanon neighborhood, in town, where a neighbor feeds caste offs and they need fixed.

I went over and caught three in her hood, then followed her over to the camper location and caught two unfixed adult females. I tried to net the third, caught her, but then lost her when trying to wrestle her into a small trap from my large net. That was a dumb stunt to pull. I should have carried her in the net to my car, for gosh sakes.

I hand grabbed two kittens who look like they might be two pounds. Both are males. I saw at least ten kittens, maybe more. Sad, eh?

So, there is at least one more adult to catch there, and, in a month, about ten kittens, too. Many have ringworm.

At the town location, I caught one older female, one feral female and one feral male.

The two ferals are offspring of a gray tux female left behind by a tenant around the block. The big Siamese mix female I caught is older and was abandoned across the street. Or rather, this man took her from a little boy across the street, who was tossing her into the air and trying to hit her on the way down with a baseball bat.

That was a couple years back.

Those tenants, who supposedly loved cats, moved recently, and left behind two more cats, now creeping over to eat at the kind man's house. One is short hair gray or a muted torti. I couldn't tell, in the dark. I was told her name is Bella. The other cat abandoned recently is black.

So right there, four abandoned cats, from three different people in one single Lebanon block. Is that not a clear statement about Lebanon? Or more precisely, the people of Lebanon? But then you have the kind man, trying to make up for the evil others.

Kindness is a stronger force simply because it is far rarer and more difficult to practise, so I say his action over rules the actions of the other three.

Anyhow, I think there are nine more needing fixed, besides the three I caught, there, at the kind man house.

And there may be just the one adult I should have contained with my net but lost, plus shitloads of kittens at the 5th Wheel colony where Rainy and Forest came from.

Anyhow, so that's the story. I undressed completely in my garage and immediately showered, then bagged my clothes and shoes and put them directly into the washer. I don't want the bathroom kittens getting ringworm.

I took Rocky, Winnie the Siamese, and Pebbles over to Heartland to be tested and intaked today. All three were negative and Rocky is over two pounds. I'm taking Rocky and his brother, Hootie, to Heartland Thursday and they'll be fixed Friday then go up for adoption there.

I put them all on no PTD. PTD stands for, in shelter talk "Put to Death". At first they told me they don't do no PTD's during kitten season, but then I said I couldn't sign them over to them without that and they agreed to it, thank god in heaven. That means if they get bad colds or a spot of ringworm, they'll call me to come get them rather than PTD those darling precious kittens.

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