Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preparing for Zero Income Living August 2 and the Debt Ceiling to Not be Raised

By this time, I have no faith that the WA clowns will get anything done by August 2. I truly believe the tea party fanatics want to take this country down. They have already indicated SS checks will not be paid if the debt ceiling is not raised.

It's so close now and the tea party republicans in the house are unwilling to do anything.

I have lost hope a deal will be struck.

That means I need to prepare, best as I can, to begin living on no income August 2. If a deal is made in the mean time, I will heave a big huge happy sigh of relief. But I have to figure out something now, because I don't know if a deal will happen.

On August 2, if a deal hasn't been made, I will shut down my power. I have no choice as I will be unable to pay the bill. The billing cycle is from about now on, so I should shut it down now, but I am not prepared for that.

I will cook on Sterno and buy three cases of top ramen to eat as those noodles cook quickly.

I have an oil lamp and candle holders and that will be my light.

There will be no more warm showers or laundry done here.

Fortunately, I have no debt. I cut up my credit card long ago, when Wells Fargo screwed me over on those bad vaccines and their fake promise to protect me, in the contractual agreement, from defective purchases with the credit card. I paid off the balance. Good riddance.

My car insurance is paid up for another seven months.

I can't store much cat litter. I use a lot. I'll have to come up with garbage bill money for sure. Any money I have saved will go into cat litter and cat food and the garbage and water bill. There will be nothing for rent or electricity so I hope my brother is ok with no rent for awhile. I'll cancel my landline. I wish I could find more cats homes before this shit goes down.

The tea party is who I hold to blame for the misery to come.

They want to kill SS. There will be widespread suffering and chaos if SS checks are not paid. There has been no national preparation for such a thing.

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