Friday, July 22, 2011

Come to Oregon. We're All Wet!

Our cloudy rainy cool weather continues here in Oregon this summer. We have not seen summer yet, except for two days over the weekend of the 4th of July.

Today, after taking the kittens to Heartland and cleaning, I picked up my neighbor at the airport. They have been on a two week vacation. Being a federal employee, she too is concerned about the debt limit thing. She asked if a deal was passed. She's avoided watching news, also. I had nothing to report except that I did not think a deal had been passed. I too now want to remain inside the bliss of denial and ignorance.

I have found places for 8 VV colony kittens, but there are still nine VV kittens in my bathroom? How can this be? Are they seeding and more kittens growing in there?

Giggles, Winnie, Rumba, Pebbles, Bambam, Surri, Blase (the gray boy with no visible personality), then Sunny and his best friend, the tabby tux girl, not yet named. Sunny and not yet named (NYN), will be fixed tomorrow.

Giggles, Bambam, Pebbles and Surri have bad colds.

Sunny is getting over his, but will it get worse after getting better, like Giggles' did? I wonder.

Speaking of seeding, this foul Oregon summer of rain and cold is really messing up grass seed harvest. Some fields have been harvested but the stubble usually baled and sold as straw, lays in almost every field.

Maybe hot weather will come and dry it out. And maybe it will lay there and mold further in the fields and the ringworm problem in the valley will be worse than ever when the soil is tilled up and clouds of dust encompass the valley full of whatever was in that soil, now airborne and breathed in or descending to cling to the fur of kittens.

I predict a vicious ringworm fall.

Note to self: take in no more outside kittens because you'll have them forever. They'll bring their fungus with them.

Most of the country bakes in the terrible heat wave while Oregon molds in rain and drizzle.

Great tourist draw, our rain and cool, however, for a heat baked nation.

Come to Oregon. We're all wet!

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