Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lost Cat Hunt Engaged

I was called by someone given my number by a friend. They lost their beloved older cat, over six weeks ago. He went out one night and never came home. My suspicion is that he is deceased, killed by dogs, predator or car.

However, they have received multiple calls from one trailer park, that he is there. The trailer park is a mile at least from their home, so it seems very unlikely he would end up there.

I gave them the site: It is an excellent site and has lost pet behavior pages. Looking for a lost outdoor allowed cat is not easy. If a cat does not come home, usually there is a very bad reason. The cat has been chased out of its known territory and is afraid to come back. The cat has been killed and eaten by a predator. The cat has been killed by dogs. The cat has been transported out, either intentionally or unintentionally. The cat is closed in somewhere. The cat is injured. The cat is dead.

However, stranger things have happened and cats end up far from home.

They would have no hope except for all these alleged sightings at the trailer park. People have been calling from their ads, wherever they've seen them. So over I went to try to determine if the sightings are accurate, made up, or another lookalike cat.

I can't determine one way or the other. I urged those who may have seen him to take a photo of the cat they think is the lost cat, so the lost cat people can tell, yes or no, if it's him and if not, move on with their lives.

But, while over there, I ran into someone I've helped before and she has two unfixed adult females, both with three kittens and an unfixed adult male. So I have one of the females in my car. I briefly set a trap for the more elusive female and her kittens, but it began to rain.

I first encountered her years ago, on Columbus. She was living in a little shed, with no electricity or running water because her house burned down and was declared a meth hazard, something like that. Her husband, a long time meth dealer and user, had just died of cancer to boot. She told me all this, from inside the shed she lived in, with nothing at all anymore to call her own but those cats she loved. She wanted the cats fixed. So I took them in. Later, I encountered her over on College Park drive and she had more cats she'd found needing fixed. Then, she moved to the trailer park and was working at a gas station and doing good.

I asked her why she didn't call me to get these latest ones fixed. She said she'd been told I was dead, killed over a year ago in a car wreck. "oh! I exclaimed, "That explains it."

"How did I die, tell me the details. Where was it I allegedly died and did I die instantly or was it a prolonged thing?" She gave me a look. "Why do you want to know, it obviously wasn't you?"

"I have a fascination with these things," I defended myself. I was thinking privately 'What an extremely creative excuse for not getting some cats fixed.'

Also, my middle finger on my left hand is killing me. It's my own stupidity, the reason.

I had a wart and I can't afford the $15 to $20 for over the counter wart remedy. Besides, it's stupid to pay that much for basically aspirin. That is the main ingredient in most wart removers, aspirin acid. I have injected dissolved aspirin into plantars warts on my feet before with great success. I decided I'll do that for this wart.

However, I was very distracted when trying to inject tiny amounts of aspirin dissolved in boiling water just under the skin in the wart surface. I was headed out berry picking with someone and they had just arrived. We were talking as I quickly tried to accomplish the injection.

Several hours later, the pain in my finger escalated to the almost unbearable point. My berry picking friend thought it amusing. The pain increased by leaps and bounds as I tried to help with the lost cat situation. My finger began to swell. The pain was prompting profanity to seep from my lips at indiscriminate times.

Even the gas station attendant gave his opinion and advice on my finger problem. I told him I need that finger working for flipping people off. He said his girlfriends middle finger is swollen and awful too because she was attacked by a dog.

He said "Go to the doctor, they'll burn it off." I said, "No wart removal coverage." He said, "Ok, so put super glue on it, and duct tape on top of that. When you rip off the duct tape every two days, it pulls off the super glue which pulls off some layers of the thing."

"Sounds reasonable," I said.

But my immediate problem is living through my first home remedy.

Tonight I could not keep a clean needle out of that horrible swollen thing that once was the top of my middle finger. Suddenly, an eruption of infection burst out. "Oh," I thought, "it wasn't a wart after all." There's a splinter in there somewhere deep. Great.

Maybe it's a splinter and a wart, or a splinter that caused a wart. Hell if I know. Either way, that aspirin acid is probably killing everything alive in my finger tip, acid burning it from the inside out. I probably should have thought about what I was doing.

Well, I'm hoping to live through this. I hope my flipping finger comes out of this working.

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