Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pitbulls attack cat

From the crime watch:

Pitbulls: Albany Police responded to a call about two pit bulls attacking a cat in the 2400 block of Ninth Ave. Sunday evening. Officers found the dogs running loose in the neighborhood and cited the owner for having dogs at large. The cat, apparently a stray, got away and could not be found.

There are too many dangerous free roaming dogs in this town, and they kill a lot of wonderful cats.

I know the cats living as strays in that block. One of them was likely the victim of these vicious dogs. There was a short hair orange buff male, a long hair older orange and white male, two black young males and a black female, the mom of four tiny bottle babes, that KATA took in.

I wonder which of the above cats the pitbulls attacked and likely fatally injured. Fricking lousy pet owners in this town. That little black female was the daughter of another black female, tame and dumped out over there, like so much trash.

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