Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lost Cat's Legacy--Other Cats Helped

The two kittens, hopefully big enough to be fixed, up at the clinic today.
Pathetic young calico, who has three kittens, up being fixed.
Black tux unfixed male, who now will be fixed.
The two kittens again. There are in all six kittens, three from each mother. The calico's kittens are smaller. They should be fixing size in a couple of weeks.

If the treasured lost cat is not found or is, his legacy stands: four cats already are up being fixed because of him.

Up being fixed: two feral kittens, of six, between two females, one of the mothers and a black tux male.

I'll catch the second adult female, but not til next week.

I hope that lost cat is roaming there. They all love cats, well, almost all of them there do. Most residents there are kind-hearted people. He'd be lucky to be lost in there, rather than if he were roaming many other more hostile and heartless locales.

His legacy is inevitable now. Life, for other cats.

If they breed relentlessly, they get killed by angry landlords, neighbors, fed up people, disease, and other cats suffer also. So, he's saved four already, that lost cat, and prevented already thousands upon thousands of future births and suffering, costs to people, and other cats and kittens dying for lack of homes.

That's a significant legacy.

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