Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Another Six Cats Fixed!

The mug shots:Smokey, a showshoe blue pt. Siamese male, from Kind Man colony, fixed today.Lynx Pt. Kind Man colony male, fixed today.
Gray tux Kind Man colony male fixed today.
Young white male, fixed today from Kind Man colony.
Albany calico, fixed today.
Mom of bottle babes, from the VV colony, adult cat number 41 fixed from that colony. She was spayed today.

Another six cats quit breeding today! Four hail from the Kind Man/Evil World colony. I sat out there way too long last night trying to catch more. I didn't go over until nearly 10:00 p.m., to avoid interference, from lots of very helpful kids. But the weather was lousy, and the kind man gave me two cups of coffee. I never drink coffee at night. In fact, I drink one cup a day, in the morning. I CAN'T HANDLE THAT MUCH CAFFEINE!!!!

Then, to while away the time, I started playing Sudoku on my trac fone. It is addictive, to say the least, and I love it. I was just figuring out new little tricks to solve the puzzles quickly when I started to get very tired. So I quit Sudoku and started playing tetras, which takes very little brain effort by comparison. Time flew. Suddenly, rain poured down, pelting the roof of my car and I realized it was time to call it a night.

I love my $10 cell phone. I've become a texter and I'm getting fast at it quickly. There's no keyboard on my fone. I'll probably cancel my landline soon. There's no need for it. I don't talk on the phone much. I have no long distance on my landline and have been using the line as a message machine for cat stuff. I can call long distance free on google talk anyhow. There's no more need for this landline. I need the money I'll save.

I caught only four more cats, bringing the total caught there to 12. All four of these latest catches were boys.

I have identified by sight at least seven more cats who need caught, not counting the four or five kittens. There is a second orange male, only this one has a short crooked tail. There is a black and white male. There is a black and white female. There is a short hair small black, unknown sex, who was also abandoned by the evil family who had lived across the street, who also left behind Bella and the Siamese mix female their little boy tried to use as a baseball, to his bat. There is a torti. There is the gray tux female. There is the teenage white female, sister of one of the males fixed today. Then there are the kittens.

But four more is four more.

I also took the mom of the two bathroom bottle babes up to be fixed. The bottle babes are leaving for a Heartland foster tomorrow and she'll go back to being a teenager up at her colony.

The sixth cat is a calico who has bred far too many litters just off Queen in Albany. I have already taken in two females from that household. I had hoped to also take in their male but they had not seen him in two days. At least the three girls there are now fixed.

I was so tired out I could just make it to the park, after dropping off the cats. I fed the bottle babes, then conked out cold with them crawling around on my chest. I woke three hours later hot and with zillions of people going by my car. There was a wedding reception or some kind of reception going on down at the park picnic shelter. People were even staring into my embarrassingly filthy and stinky car, at me and the kittens with exclamations of kitten spotting pleasure. I wiped the drool from my chin and tried to grin back at them.

I quickly left the overcrowded park.

Now I'm home and it's nappy time.

So the bottle babes are leaving me and their mom tomorrow. I wish I had the space to let them be with mom for a few more weeks, but I don't. She's barely lactating and they require supplemental feeding from me. She's a teenager and she 's very hissy at the other colony kittens also in my bathroom.

The orange boy they want back is getting over his cold rapidly. He is NOT going to want to leave his beloved new life. He loves toys and playing. I hate taking him back, but I can't legally not take him back. He gets to stay here another ten days, to get over the cold and then be fixed, at least.

Thursday morning, Rocky, Billy and Happy are leaving to be fixed at Heartland then go up for adoption there. I renamed Hootie, "Billy". I don't know why. Easier to remember I guess. I renamed Bonkers "Happy" because he's happy all the time. They're growing like weeds.

If you live in this area and can give three very bonded boys a great home, they'll be available Friday at Heartland. Just ask to see Rocky, Billy and Happy.

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