Monday, July 18, 2011

More Kitten Photos

I finally finished rebuilding one of those feral housing units the Albany business made from scraps there at the request of someone else, who then did not pick them up. I only took three of the six, due to the extensive remodel each would need and space here.

They needed painted. Then they needed insulated and the insulation covered with boards, which also had to be painted. They needed a shelf inside. And they needed, if out in the weather, tunnels in, to keep it dryer inside. This took time. I use scrap wood, scrap paint, scrap everything. I cut a square plastic planter in half and screwed that above one entrance hole, as a cover. For the other, I cut most of the bottom out of a plastic flower pot and screwed it on, then glued on a piece of carpet. That made a nice entrance tunnel. I wish I'd taken a photo of it.

Today I very laboriously loaded it into the back of my car and hauled it up to the VV colony. I was dismayed once there to see that the little orange kitten had gotten sick and very quickly. He was snorfling badly and loudly.

I wanted the colony caretakers to take care of him but they wouldn't. Oh, yes, they want him back if I get him well, but they would not take care of him there. That is very sad. His little play buddy, a tabby tux, likely also will get sick.

The mother with her two young kittens is here and not much of a mother, to be honest. She's also in the bathroom, but isn't nice to the other kittens in there. I want to get her fixed and return her. I wish I'd been able to get Rocky and Hootie to Heartland Thursday afternoon, so they could be moving on with their lives, but I couldn't work it into an overloaded exhausted schedule.

Giggles the calico got a bad cold a few days back, followed by Bambam and Pebbles, the two youngest. They're getting over them quickly but when you have that many kittens in a relatively small space, colds are going to break out. It's important to get some out of there and as soon as possible.
This is the slightly psychotic young mother with her kittens.
She has one boy and one girl.

Rocky adores me.
Hootie too is ready to go.
Bonkers is ready!
This is the kitten that had found her way into the carrier with the mom and her two surviving kittens. Don't know who her mom is. The mom's other two kittens died. They had gotten severe colds. Both her surviving kittens had gunked over eyes too, but they have cleared up with ointment and cleaning.

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