Wednesday, July 06, 2011

15 More VV Cats Caught. Down Two VV Kittens, Up One.

Well, I went over tonight to the VV, since tomorrow she made appointments for a Portland FCCO clinic for ten plus more adults to be fixed.

I snagged those unfixed cats, one after another, using a drop trap and a trap with the door held up with a dollar store laundry line run from the trap door, up through a rusty eye hook in their shed ceiling, then out to my car, where I tied it off on the passenger side mirror.

I had to selectively trap for the unfixed cats is why I used the line. I'd cut the line or untie it and drop it, when a cat I wanted was eating in the trap.

I snagged cat after cat after cat, then came home with every trap full and two in one trap and a little torti kitten I hand grabbed when she wasn't looking, and transferred three out to broken traps, then cleaned the three they'd been in and headed back to catch three more, which I did, including both major males still unfixed.

Two boy kittens went home with a friend of friends. They'll be ok and will be fixed. I'll be making sure and so will my friends who see her every week. Nice lady.

So I had ten VV kittens in my bathroom. Then I had 8 after the two boys left. Then I snagged the torti kitten and now I have 9.

I also delivered three bags of cat food today to the homeless camp, where Fat Zach came from originally. They wanted to discuss ear mites. All three old wet brains were sitting around one camp sipping 40's. They wanted to know what they could do to treat the camp cats' mites. In the end, I agreed to retrap them, and clean their ears out myself, in a net. While I'm at it, I told them, and they were impressed and eager for me to be trapping in the camps again, I'll flea treat them all, worm them, and give each another vaccination.

After I hiked out, I thought, "OMG, what did I just promise." Oh well. I like those three. I like them a lot.

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