Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More Kitten Photos

Giggles, the funny calico kitten.
Pebbles, the most energetic kitten of the ten, a wildly playful clowning muted torti, only about five weeks of age.
Bambam is the most needy, being one of the two youngest. His sister, Pebbles, is just the opposite, outgoing and self assured. However, Bambam was the last kitten, along with Rumba, that I pulled out of there just last Friday.
Bonkers like to wave his tail back and forth, almost like a dog wagging its tail.
Rumba is the shyest but coming out of his shell. Bless his little heart.
Pebbles again.

Two of the kittens may be leaving today to go to a friend of a friend. Since it is a friend of a friend, I can be sure they will be fixed and will also keep track myself.

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