Thursday, July 07, 2011

The 15

Big black dominant male, fixed today.
Tabby on white male, fixed today.
The second big dominant male fixed today. All dominant males are now fixed.
Muted torti, fixed today, slow waking up.
One of two black tuxes fixed today. One was a lactating female and the other a male but I can't remember which is which.
Gray tabby tux male, fixed today.
Gray male, fixed today.
Gray in heat female, fixed today.
Brown tabby male, fixed today.
Muted calico, fixed today.
Tabby on white, fixed today.
Black female, fixed today. She was pregnant, but just barely.
Abbytabby tux, fixed today.
The brown tabby male, who was euthanized, due to severe diarrhea, lack of any body weight, neurological issues, etc. Very sick kitty.
The other black and white fixed today.

I'm very exhausted. I was going to sleep after dropping the cats at the FCCO clinic but they asked me to cage clean, so I did. I was impressed by their fixed place clinic and the organization and the flow of the clinic. I am quick to impress with flow and organization and easy to disgust with lack of organization. So it was a pleasure to see this well organized circular clinic.

I watched people come and go to the window also, to rent traps for upcoming clinics, in a rather steady stream. The FCCO now has it down. Transporting cats up from here to there is not hard either.

The brown tabby male with skinned tail, likely from being run over, neurological issues, possibly also from being hit by a car, and constant dripping diarrhea, was euthanized. There was no hope for him. He was so beautiful, too.

The rest were fixed and are fine although one muted torti is coming out of anesthesia very slowly.

I'm going to bed.

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