Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Nine Plus Two

Tilly of The Nine.
Stiletto of The Nine.
Sassy of The Nine.
Sassy again.
Tilly of The Nine.
Rogue of The Nine.
Raindrop of The Nine.
Cougie of The Nine.
Alexi of The Nine.
Rogue again, of The Nine.Sage, not of The Nine, looks down at me from the top of the Exclusion Room.
Again, Sage.Honey on the cat walk.

I am frustrated again. Wore myself out the last two weeks, working all these cat situations, but have had zero luck finding homes for any of the cats here or finding an adoption group or venue to pair with to help. I've got to come up with something.

Had some N. Albany people call, want me to help them get 20 plus cats fixed, referred by Safehaven I guess, I don't know. Of course I have no way to get 40 cats fixed and Poppa can't handle that number expense wise. I told her to contact the FCCO, that that number is an FCCO issue.

They seem unwilling to want to participate. They've been feeding them several years and now that the colony is exploding, suddenly want to do something about it, which is good. Would have been better if they had fixed the first cat to arrive on scene, and, cost effective if they had fixed the first cat to arrive at their doorstep.

Sounds like they have able bodied relatives, since one at least volunteers at Safehaven, so all I can do is refer them to the FCCO, even though the FCCO now holds almost no clinics outside of Portland. I see only two on their schedule for the rest of the year outside of Portland. One of those is in Coquille and the other in Salem in September. Yes, Portland is a long drive with cats, but not that far to get a really cheap deal on fixing that many. I drive nearly to Portland to get cats fixed, so it's pretty the same thing. If I tell them all this, I bet they just don't do it. I'm not sure what to tell them or how to tell them, to get them in gear to solve it themselves.

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