Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born in Trap Kittens Video

Mom goes home today. The kittens left me Friday.

In other news, it has been so long since I had any significant human interaction that I can't remember when it was. I am lonely.

I read in the paper, to accommodate Walmart, I5 on and off ramps will have to be revised at the Santiam Highway exit. They mentioned widening Airport Road, which runs by Heatherdale Trailer park. An old couple, who love cats and have taken in many strays, live right on Airport Road in Heatherdale. The old guy has been ranting about this possibility for 8 months. Guess he'd heard rumors.

He thinks the state will take his yard and trailer. His trailer isn't worth anything and can't be moved because it's so old. What will become of them, if he is right, that they will take his house to make way for off and on ramp alterations for Walmart? They've lived there for decades. All for a fricking Walmart?

See, he doesn't even own the land. He's in a fricking non maintained trailer park. It will be the long negligent owner of the trailer park who will get compensation if land from the park is taken by the state or city to widen Airport Road.

They rent space there is all. But, if trailers are too old, you can't move them legally and that is a very expensive endeavor even if they're not too old. They're screwed. Trailer parks are yukky places to live for many reasons, but one good reason to avoid trailer parks like the plague they are is because the owner can up and sell the land out from under you and your home.

Walmart doesn't provide family wage jobs. It provides minimum wage jobs. If anything, Albany should have courted a Winco Foods. Winco is employee owned and gives excellent benefits and pay, compared to any grocery store. More importantly, the food is cheaper than any other grocery chain store in Oregon and far cheaper than Walmart. Albany is full of poor people who could vastly benefit from a Winco. Walmarts are a dime a dozen and their food prices are not cheap and there is very little variety offered.

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