Friday, June 24, 2011

Seven Cats Fixed Today. Goodbye to Born in Trap Siamese Kittens

I took up seven cats to be fixed today. One of those cats fixed today was Tia, mother of three born in the trap Siamese kittens. They will be six weeks old tomorrow. All three, even Minnie, born with flat chest syndrome, have thrived.Tia, mom of the born in the trap kittens, was spayed today.That's flat chested Minnie on the right there. Her ribs are vertical, on her sides, not covering her chest, which makes for difficulty breathing, among many other things. So far so good. Good means she's survived so far.

It was hard to part with these three kittens--two girls and one boy.

They were taken in by a Portland area rescue who specializes in disabled cats. She wanted Minnie's siblings with her, so she would not be lonely.

However, tonight I hear from Poppa's pres that the woman who took the kittens this morning has suffered a setback in that her mother has been rushed to the hospital with a life threatening condition going on. I am sad for that woman who took the kittens but now am wondering if they'll be rebounding back here as a result of these unforeseeable happenings.

I was dog dead tired today after being out so very late last night after that poor little surgery day escapee outside Heartland.

I then gave her fluids, set her up on a heating pad, fed her, wormed her, etc, after getting her home, and, again this morning, after getting an entire four hours of sleep, before rounding up everybody else that needed to go.

I took up a mother and her three kittens from one Albany household. Queen street mom cat fixed today.
And the mom cats' kittens, also fixed today.

I took up two tabby boys from a Corvallis household.
Corvallis tabby boys!

I picked them up last night, in between checking traps at Heartland, and at the nursing home colony, which still has not been resolved. There are kittens there now from the second female we did not catch. The black teen mother had only the one kitten I dug out from under the storage container. She is due to be spayed at any time now at Heartland and then will be up for adoption at Animal Crackers.

There other kittens of the other mother, now five weeks old, are being trapped by an employee, four so far trapped of five seen. I sure hope she also tries to trap the mother. I encouraged her to use the kittens as bait in a carrier behind a trap to catch that mom, as it is the best chance we'll get at an easy catch of her. I sure hope she does that. The black long hair teen is in heat again and has attracted in an unfixed orange tom, who also needs caught and fixed.

Anyhow, five kittens in all were fixed and two adults, Tia, the Siamese mom of born in trap kittens, and the Burmese mix mother of three other kittens also fixed. The two tabby boys mom and dad were already fixed a month or more ago.

After delivering the cats to be fixed to the clinic, where the Portland woman met me and picked up the three kittens, I headed to K's then followed her out to the barn where she has her cats living until she moves. There, amidst the cats, many of whom I know, I crashed, falling asleep for several hours across a cat bed. I woke up drooling, with Big Ben, the FIV positive lovable monster from Adair Village, nestled against my face.

I get back and finally get all the cats back to their proper people but not without some drama. Then a KATA volunteer comes to reclaim the little sick torti I recaught at Heartland after she escaped. That kitten too was a dumpee along with her siblings and her mom, on the outskirts of Albany.

By this evening, with sub cu fluids and force feeding, she was beginning to sneeze out the congestion that prior was deep in her sinuses and running down the back of her throat. I call it "The Snuffle Snorkle cold" and they have been very common for a year in cats now. She's in good hands, kind hands. She was darling and wanted to purr and hug my arm or my neck in relief at being out of the bushes, safe, no longer scared stiff, which she was over there.

I have named her Snorkles. But Snorkles is a KATA kitten and her name is up to them.

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