Monday, June 20, 2011

Really Really Stupid Pet Owners!

Click post title to read story about a Battle Ground WA couple awakened by a ruckus caused by a coyote inside their house. The coyote had chased their poor cat right into the house through the cat door, then the coyote became terrified. The coyote was finally herded outside.

The owner casually describes knowing there are coyotes and bobcats in the area. And yet, he lets his cat out to free roam amongst predators that want to eat him.

Such people should not own cats.

Almost as stupid, a Corvallis woman was walking with her dog, off leash at Bald Hill in Corvallis. It was a big dog and allowing her dog off leash in that location is illegal. Nonetheless, such trivialities did not stop her from loudly complaining to everyone she could complain to after what happened one morning. Her dog spotted a coyote out in the brush and gave chase. The dog chased the coyote in and out of the brush for some time until suddenly, the tables turned and it was the coyote chasing the dog. The coyote eventually bit the dog at which point dog returned to owner and coyote vanished.

Time for big time complaining from reckless dog owner, who endangered her dog with her illegal behavior. Seems it was ok for her dog to chase the coyote and any other wildlife it wanted to chase. The complaining began only when something chased her off leash dog.

Bald Hill is in a rural setting and not only provides habitat for predators like bobcats and all sorts of birds, but also coyotes and it's only the stupid and the arrogant who let their pets free roam amidst the predators. The pets and the wildlife pay the price, often with their lives. The pet owners rarely face any consequences.

I wouldn't mind coyotes so much if I didn't know what they were out there tearing limb from limb to eat and that's the cats of really stupid people, along with a few dogs, chickens, and rabbits. But when I hear their war cries, out on a clear starry night, I know something has been torn to pieces and when they are close to town, that is likely going to be a cat.

I try to tell pet owners to picture their beloved cat, legs broken or spinal cord severed from a bite to their back, still alive, being plopped in front of a litter of coyote pups. Mom is teaching them to hunt with their cat. The cat tries to drag himself away as the pups pounce and bite tentatively with mom coyote watching. That is not an exageration.

Dogs kill many many cats. They shake them to death, breaking their neck or back with the shaking and often you don't see a mark on them when you find them dead if you do find them at all.

I no longer adopt out cats to people who let them free roam. It's stupid. It's like killing a precious rescued cat to do so.

I have no joy hearing coyotes, only a chill that runs down my spine.

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