Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kittens and Cats Galore

The Siamese triplets, at five weeks of age.
Minnie, the flat chested disabled little Siamese kitten.This is Minnie again.
Meesa, Echo and Fantasia's young mother, has fit right in here.
Stiletto, one of The Nine, by the cat tube.
Shaulin, originally from the Bengal man colony, against roses.

Fantasia, Meesa's girl, dozing.
Valentino, finally looking really good, been a long road. He still over eats as many do who have starved on their own. They think they have to eat whatever they can find right now as it may be a long time before they find food again. Eventually, they get over the starvation syndrome. I free feed here. I can't regulate him. I free feed for several reasons but one is if something happens to me when I'm not here, I want the cats to have food and water at least for awhile, til someone figures out something happened to me.
Block away male. I got him fixed for people who live a street away, but he still hangs out in my yard and often hides out in my garage. He wants to be my cat.
The neighbors male again.
Shaulin and Mops in the window.

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