Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 Cats and Kittens Fixed Today

Seven more Albany cats and one Lebanon female were fixed today.

I picked up one cat at a house off Queen. They have three more but couldn't catch them.

Then through a KATA referral I got in touch with an Albany woman who has two adult females, an adult male and ten kittens between the two females.
I tried all day to find a Portland area shelter that might take those six older kittens. They were, in the meantime, at the clinic to be fixed. Two were just under the weight allowable for spay so they were not done. All five gray long hair kittens were girls while the one boy was a beautiful short hair orange buff. In the end, KATA took them in. Another six kittens from Albany, on top of the 11 they took in last Friday from Albany. Bless their hearts.

The adult male and the mother of those older kittens were fixed from that house along with four of the six kittens.

UPDATE: KATA just called. They tested two of the six kittens and both were positive for FIV, which means likely their mom is positive and the male in the household likely is positive and is the one who passed it to the female. The sad part is, the other female with the four two weeks old kittens, is the adult daughter of the torti who is mom to these six FIV positive kittens. Meaning, likely every cat and kitten in that house is FIV positive. The tests could also be false positives, however. KATA has no place to hold these six kittens now that they tested positive and we will take them back to their owner. It's sad all around.The Six FIV positive kittens, four of whom were fixed today.
Mom of FIV kittens, likely FIV positive herself, fixed today.The adult male, from the FIV kitten house.

Then also along for the ride was Bella, a stray calico from Lebanon, with her one surviving kitten who was too little by almost a pound to be fixed.

Guess what he eats? Human breast milk. Not kidding there. The woman pumps it for a friend, so she pumps enough to give Clover the kitten an ounce a day of human breast milk. I can't stop laughing when I think of that. And I need to laugh, because it was a long and very very hot day, mostly spent in my hot car.

It's terrible those kittens may have FIV. It is a direct result of allowing unfixed cats to free roam, fight and breed.

When I returned the Walnut cat, I had told them I was not going to the clinic again for a few days, but they had one of their other hard to catch cats in a carrier. I felt I should take her, get her fixed while the fixing is good, because I've been trying to get the cats fixed from that house for three years. But my gawd, I'd told them twenty minutes earlier I wasn't going up again for several days. Not nice.

I need to quit again, disappear maybe. How quickly I got back to being a slave for the people in this town who don't fix their cats.

UPDATE on THE FIV Positive kittens: KATA is going to find a way to hold them. They have earned their angel wings today with those kittens. I feel guilty handing them kittens who will take a lot of time and work. I want to find donations for them to help.

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