Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Rogue, one of the Albany business cats.
Rogue again, the only male of the nine business cats here.
Siamese mom, and one of her now wildly roaming kittens. The little girl is abnormally formed and probably will not survive into bigger kittenhood.
Valentino. I've had an inquiry into adopting him, but so far, the person has not called, just e-mailed.
Daisy dozing.
Two of the Siamese mom kittens.

I can't wait for them to get slightly bigger. Then I'll try to hand them off to some rescue group somewhere, get mom fixed, and return her. That will remove four cats from my care. When Sam and Smolder leave next week, that will mean I will soon have six fewer cats to care for here, which is huge.

Have had no luck so far adopting out the little calico from my yard. She wants to like the other cats here, tries at first to bump heads, but is terrified and starts screaming at the sight of Valentino. So, she's stayed in my bathroom for the most part. It's hard.

Dex's congestion loosened in the night with steaming, which means she'll either be able to sneeze or cough it out, or it will drown her. Crucial few hours now, on whether she will make it or not.

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