Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Valentino Gets His Human!

Valentino has a human. She's coming Saturday to pick him up. She is exactly what he needs, too! I am revved and so gosh darn grateful to the universe for this twist of fate I can't say.

It's a twist of fate because the woman taking him, currently in California, also had a twist of fate in finding him. She was doing searches on special needs older cats and somehow came across Valentino and e-mailed me. But, next morning, she could not find Valentino and the e-mail was sent, I believe, from her phone.

She searched the same search terms and came up with nothing. She left out senior and finally found him again. She thinks its fate. I do, also. I told her this was like a gift, finding Valentino a home.

I told her how suddenly I'd gone under, with the nine cats from the business, the Siamese mom, who had kittens, then gas, food and utility prices going sky high. How finding even one cat a home is like happy dance time, which it is, which I am doing in my heart right now.

She is the perfect match for him, too. She does holistic feeding and medicine, which is just what the old guy needs. Isn't life strange?

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