Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dex Update and Sam's Move On Update

Dex is still hanging in there. Perking up even. The vet visit Saturday kind of did her in. I had to wait five hours to pick her up, while the other cat was being fixed. She got so stressed she bit an employee there, and did not get her usual fluids until late in the day.

Today she's had close to 420 already and it shows. She had a bowel movement and is using the litter box. She's in the sick cage, liking the heating pad. We'll see. She has improved greatly over the day, shocking me again. But we'll see.

I postponed the Sam re home until next week, because it will likely be tomorrow I take Dex in. We'll see.

I have no delusions over her condition, but we both need to be sure this is her last stand.

Sam's chosen mate for the journey on to a new home is Smolder, Son of Sage.

My brother loves the name Son of Sage. He says it's a movie in the making. I agree.

He's got a room ready for them, at first. They'll be fine there with him and his working men and cat loving office manager. Maybe they'll be lucky cats and bring them lots of business!

All I know is Sam will be ecstatic over living where he's going to be living. My brother has loved Sam since he first laid eyes on him, and vice verse.

Smolder, Son of Sage, is a good pairing. He's a bit of a Mommy's boy, which means he will bond closely to Sam, for security and Sam likes younger males. I can hear you chortling. Sam has always loved other males. After his neuter, he began mounting them sometimes, in the spring, when the sap is flowing.

You queasy people out there, over sexual "abnormalities" in humans, those of you who believe these differences are a moral choice--boy, you oughta spend some time with massive numbers of animals, if you want to see some abnormal things. You might re-think the moral "choice" argument you've been making about such behaviors in humans. At the very least, you'd get astounded often. I know I do.

Sam likes boy cats. What can I say? Nobody gives a shit one way or the other here.

In other news, I thought it might have been just me, and my bad eyes, thinking one of the three Siamese kittens is really abnormal. Someone stopped by today, however, and I showed her and she also saw the bizarre chest of the smallest Siamese kitten. For being three weeks old now, they are small for their age, but one is smaller, and has a heaving protruding outward chest, that is too flat on bottom end. She heaves wildly after exertion. That's some genetic malformation and I don't think she'll make it. I cannot see how a cat could survive such a a strange malformed chest cavity.

She has a really pink mouth like she has good circulation though.

I think it is better if I find out quickly and end it quickly if it's something she won't "grow out of". Looks like inbreeding stuff to me.

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