Friday, June 17, 2011

Five More Albany Cats Fixed

Albany adult buff male fixed today.
One of three male kittens fixed today. All three kittens were born to the calico fixed yesterday.
Black and white male kitten fixed today.
The other white kitten, fixed today, also a male.
Bengal man colony brown tabby female, with clouded right eye, spayed today. This is one of the two mothers. The litters were obviously mixed, some from both litters in each "kitten pile". There is more drama than you would believe in cat colonies. This drama often includes kitten stealing. One mother may feel the other mother's kittens should be hers, so she takes them. Or, one mother may "misplace" a kitten, so she's goes and steals one from another mother. I'm not kidding, these colonies are one big fat soap opera.

Today, I took up five more cats to be fixed from Albany. Four males and one female.

I took up the three male kittens of the stray calico fixed yesterday. I also took up another tenants adult unfixed male to be fixed. The fifth cat fixed was the Bengal man female I trapped last night quickly with the help of his son, after a KATA volunteer took her three kittens.

So, in the last two days, 18 Albany cats have been fixed and 11 Albany kittens went into foster with KATA. That's a lot of cats and kittens! KATA fixes kittens before they are adopted, so that means 29 cats and kittens from Albany will not be reproducing. That's two days work, for me, but KATA's part of the deal will take longer.

Keeping 29 more Albany cats from breeding and producing more unfixed Albany cats is a HUGE fricking deal for now and for down the line.

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, please support KATA and get a cat at Petco in Albany or Corvallis, from KATA! Or from me. I seem to have plenty here.

The Silverton ladies who took in five from me to adopt out, including two yard strays, Willow and Suzy Q, both of whom got homes quickly, posted Sage for me in Portland. They got two responses, one way out in Eagle Point or Creek. It's way out near Mt. Hood! I don't know if I'm up for such a long distance adoption. I keep trying to call them but their cell reception up there isn't that great. Sound like nice people so I'll keep trying.

So that's about it for adoption possibilities right now on my end.

I never heard again from the woman who stopped by to see Valentino. I am not sure that means she isn't interested, but it might be a good possibility. She's ultra responsible, so if she decided against him, I think she'd let me know.

Getting 18 cats fixed in two days has worn me out slightly.

I should have added Ms. Siamese mom to the fix trip because she's tiring of her kittens already and they're not even five weeks old. They'll be five weeks tomorrow. That's kind of pathetic but I can understand it. She's been housed in that darn rabbit hutch which is just really confining and they're driving her nuts. She kicks them out of the carrier routinely. It's actually three hutches together. One is two on top of each other, a double hutch, with a nice carpeted lounging (escape the kittens) shelf. Then another single hutch is attached to the double with a cat hole through. That's where the litter box is and it is in that hutch the kittens like to play.

I can't bring them inside. That's because of the little disabled female. If she gets a cold with the flat chest syndrome, she'll die the vet said. He said she shouldn't be exposed to other cats until she has had two vaccines but not to vaccinate her too early. I've been so fricking paranoid she'll get a cold I have avoided even the thought of vaccinating her brothers in case the vaccine depresses their immune systems and they catch a cold they would then give her.

I got a new mirror for my car on ebay motors. It arrived yesterday and I just installed it quickly. It's not like its rocket science. I just had to pop off the interior drivers side door panel, and to do that I had to remove a couple screws and unclip the power door and window lock panel, which I also replaced with a part from ebay motors awhile back when it failed.

My mirror has been duct taped together since I broke it when backing out of the garage a couple months ago. I undid the bolts holding it on, on the inside, unclipped it's electric switch, and put the new one on, tightened its bolts, clipped its electric clip in place, and put back on the door panel. It's black but who cares. It works. Took twenty minutes.

Yay for ebay motors. The part was a fraction of the price it would have cost at a dealer and was brand new.

I had an interesting Target experience today up in the Portland area, while waiting on the cats. I went in for a birthday card period but their cat food was on sale. I bought a bunch. I knew exactly how many cans I bought, plus I had 7 coupons for $.50 off each.

However, once they rang me up I knew something was wrong. I add it all up in my head first and know how much it will be. The receipt total did not match my "head" total. I'm trying to go through a confusing receipt, with people behind me in line, but the checker wants me to move on, zeros me out, and asks some young clerk to "help this woman". That would be me. She told the young clerk that I was confused.

Confused. Actually it was they who were confused. I told the clerk to just charge me out, then I'd figure it out. So she did.

What she'd done was charge me for 3 cans more than I bought and only credited five of the seven coupons, shorting me another dollar. Rather than go through a huge recount by the young sassy clerk I told them I just wanted a full refund, which I sort of got. I say "sort of" because I paid for part of it with my debit card and was not refunded that money. I was told it would be refunded back on my debit card within two days. I will be watching.

So, I can't figure out, is that corporate policy, over count on multiple same item purchases and under utilize coupons presented in hopes the customer doesn't notice, or was it a mistake by the clerk?

I got my coupons back. There were indeed seven and the young clerk was a little bit surprised, I think, to see I really had only been credited with the five on my receipt when she gave me back all seven of my coupons.

When that happens at a store, I have trouble trusting that store again. I've had it happen a few places, twice at Walmart, and once at a Portland area grocery outlet and probably more often than that and haven't caught it.

Watch out, check your receipts. We, as consumers, do not exist to make corporate zombies richer this way.

I went to Petsmart and got some cat food. I used my coupons there. They know me there. They know I check prices everywhere and are happy when I show up back there to inform them "Today, you're the cheapest."

Even in a haze of exhaustion, I can still fricking count. I can still add and subtract in my head. I think clerks should be able to do that also.

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