Friday, June 03, 2011

Devastation: Yet Another Cat in My Yard

Number 31 to show up in my yard. She was starving. I am so fricking sick of the way people treat animals in this town.

Update: She is now fixed, at least. She had no microchip and of course, was not spayed. Now she is.

I also took up Dex and got her the convenia injection. If I hadn't, she would slowly have gone downhill, with dehydration from a cold. Then I probably would have wished I had gotten her the injection.

While the cat was being fixed, Dex stayed at the clinic, where it was cool and I headed off to the Tigard Wildlife Refuge and took a nice hike. Summer is the season I don't mind taking cats to the clinic. I plan out things to do up there during the day--hikes, swimming holes, trails, all sorts of things. I can't wait. I don't mind at all transporting cats in the summer, if I can scrounge up the gas money. There are lots of things to do all day up there not available anywhere here.

Keep your fingers crossed, might have a barn for the Business Nine.

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