Friday, June 03, 2011

Tortis and More!

How many classic colored tortis do I have roaming my house?

Let's count: Tugs, Poppy, Gretal, Sage, Slurpy and Starry. I think that's it, at least.Slurpy, a classic torti with an elfish upturned nose.
Slurpy's profile shows her upturned nose!
Sage is big, not as athletic, medium haired, too smart, as are most tortis, and wildly fun.
Eyes of Sage.
Eye of Starry, the N. Albany swamp torti, who has a straight strong roman nose.Starry likes to hang off things. Below is Starry's new adoption video, featuring a laser pointer Jim and Jane of Corvallis gave me, as a belated birthday present. They love it!
Shaulin, who is not a torti, but rather an abbysinian bengal mix, likes to look out the window. Shaulin is very attached to me.Teddy, from the homeless camp, likes his red chair.And Valentino is very orange.
We cannot forget the kittens, now 20 days old.

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