Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bad Day

I went to meet a woman out in Stayton who had some things to give away, in a storage garage, and wanted me to see what I might use. They've donated some to a teen shelter already. They'll have a garage sale to sell the rest.

But just as I got to the property, my stomach began acting up. It still is. I feel so sick.

I had to drive all the way back to Stayton to find a bathroom. After that, I went back to try to go through some stuff at the property. I had to go then into the woods to use a "bathroom".

But the sad part is, as I was at the driveway entrance, facing the road, down a few hundred feet, I saw a white fluffy cat, with other colors in the middle of the road. I didn't know why she didn't move, because a car was coming. Then I saw why. Two kittens at least were on the edge of the road. She was trying to call them out of the ditch to cross. Finally, thankfully, she gave up, as the car approached, and darted back into the berry vines.

I told the woman about them and she was horrified being an animal lover. It is sickening, that the problem is everywhere it seems. People dump cats out without regard for their lives.

I loaded a few things into my car, some bedding, a litterbox they didn't want or use, a basket I can use for a laundry basket, some paintings for my wall.

I have been trying to get ahold of my younger brother. I think he should take these cats, from the Albany business, as shop cats. I told him so by e-mail and by phone message. But neither were answered. His contractor shop is the perfect place for the entire family, I think.

I got no calls on my four day ad for them. Not one.

I have the business cats in my spare bedroom and the new cat from my yard in my bathroom severely reducing space for me and the other cats. I need to move some cats quickly but seem to be unable to find any of them homes. I just can't find a way to get the word out on them that works.

I have no adoption venue, where they can be seen. I have no money to advertise them. I rely on the once a month four lines, four days, for free ad in the paper, although usually now I get no calls on such an ad. I rely on craigslist, too, but have to wade through bunches of fake, joke, mean and nasty, or just plain ignorant bad and irresponsible potential homes responses, to find one good inquiry. I don't rely on petfinder anymore, because I get no inquiries off petfinder. I can however refer people to my petfinder site if they want to see photos of a certain cat.

The garage was hot today. We've had the first two days of sun, after long long months of nothing but rain. The Siamese kittens are starting to walk and this is bugging their mother no end. I'll give her two more weeks with them, is all, sorry mom, but it's going to be way too hot in that garage for any cat to survive very very soon.

UPDATE: the barn home for two cats fell through. The people who found the barn home were taking two cats from their rescue and offered two spaces to me. But, in the end, they took more from their rescue there, and no space left for cats from here. To say I'm devastated is probably a severe under statement.

Maybe it wasn't to be.

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