Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Corvallis Cats Fixed Today

Before I describe the two cats fixed today, I have to show off garage mom Siamese, whose three surviving kittens are now showing point colors at nine days old, but still have closed eyes.

Below are photos of the two Corvallis cats fixed today.Midnight, black female from Corvallis fixed today. She has four six-week-old kittens who will be fixed in a few weeks.Buddy, beautiful brown tabby male, from Corvallis, fixed today. And boy, did he ever smell like a male!

I took up a black female and a spotted tabby male, who was just gorgeous, both owned by same Corvallis family who also have the female's latest litter, of four tabby boys. They will be fixed in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, this woman's sister, who lives in Alsea, has quite a few cats that need fixed. She has been given my number.

Last night once again I failed at the nursing home to catch either of the two cats left needing caught. Not surprising, however. The raccoon population is resident and virtually tame and hang out in the parking lot like the cats used to. Boy, could those raccoon use a spay neuter program.

I saw both cats but not for long. They wandered off quickly. Any food put out now goes directly into the mouths of raccoons. That's what happens when you feed strays improperly.

It's also why snap together stray feeders need built and sold at Kmarts and Walmarts and Petcos. Stray feeders, as I dubbed them, exploit the fact raccoons, possums and skunks cannot jump vertically, but cats can. Therefore, cats can be fed atop a platform too high for such critters to get on.

I gave the idea over to my vet, told him it is a money maker, and a needed product, because he had a guy he said could build and manufacture them, but seems it all fizzled.

This is a needed product. I don't have manufacturing capacity or start up money or I'd do it myself.

I saw a cat along I5 two weeks ago, sitting in the grass along I5 south at the Ankeny Hill exit. I knew he or she was likely dumped, the look on the cats face, as I passed at 65 mph. It was a short hair black tux. I posted about the cat on craigslist. Several people responded that maybe it was their cat, lost in Albany or Corvallis or wherever. Neighbors around here who hate cats often take neighbors cats out and dump them. None of the responders were interested in going out to help this cat, or even see if it was theirs.

Today I see the cat again, farther south, right off the south bound freeway. The cat has given up waiting, probably in dire straits by now, will die or be killed by cars or coyotes without intervention. I have hemmed and hawed all night, feeling terrible for that poor soul out there and doomed. But trapping along I5 is highly dangerous. Night is the least dangerous in some ways and even more dangerous in other ways. This is best done with two people. But where would I find another.

I probably need to accept the fact the cat is doomed. Two other cats dumped in the same location both died along the freeway eventually. Someone else, who lived up that way, promised to intercede and help but that person turned out to be a compulsive liar.

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